Bullying In Citrus Heights

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Watch this video to better understand the impact bullying has on our children.

Here’s a sneak peek of our free Hyper Bully Defense Workshops,
where we teach kids to Stand Up To Bullying.

Family Taekwondo Plus Presents:
Citrus Heights Hyper Bully Defense.

Join Family Taekwondo Plus as we take a stand against bullying in our community. Bullying is a national epidemic affecting 100,000’s of children and teens. We are committed to putting an end to it.

Family Taekwondo Plus offers a series of age specific Hyper Bully Defense workshops for children 6 and up. We teach them valuable skills to keep themselves safe from bullies. We cover social, psychological and yes, some physical methods they can use to protect themselves from an attack by a bully.

Complete the form below or call (916) 725-3200 today to get your child signed up for our next Hyper Bully Defense workshop.

Important Message from Citrus Heights Hyper Bully Defense

Look at These Alarming Statistics!

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Every seven minutes a child is bullied by another student. That’s 9 per hour!
85 percent of the time there is no intervention to help those bullied.
Every single day, 160,000 students miss school due to bullying.
34 percent of all children report being bullied on a regular basis.
60 percent of children who bully are charged with a crime by the time they turn 24.
14 percent of teens who are bullied consider suicide, and 7 percent actually attempt it!

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Citrus Heights Hyper Bully Defense is brought to you by Family Taekwondo Plus

Join the Worldwide Movement

Family Taekwondo Plus has joined an elite group of Martial Arts schools around the world with the shared commitment to put an end to bullying in all of its forms – verbal, physical, social and cyber. By registering your child for our next workshop, you are joining parents all over the world in an effort to keep our children safe. 

Citrus Heights Hyper Bully Defense
Presented by: Family Taekwondo Plus
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